What Language Is Spoken in Beijing?

The Official Language: Mandarin

Beijing is a city where the native language is Mandarin, the official language of China, and the most spoken dialec in china. Putonghua, or 'common language', as it is known in Chinese, is the Mandarin spoken in Beijing, identified by the standard pronunciation and vocabulary that are generally associated with the language that is taught in schools and used in government communications.

Features of Beijing Mandarin

The rhotic accent of Beijing Mandrain, characterized by a final, added "儿" r-er-sound, is a well-known phenomenon, "儿化" (erhua). This accent is one of the features of Beijing dialect and can be heard being spoken by many people under normal conditions in every corner of the city.

Other Languages and Dialects

Although Mandarin rules in Beijing, the city is a cultural smorgasbord for Chinese from around the country and the world. Other Chinese dialects from residents of other provinces also come along with this diversity. Though these dialects are more likely to be used among family and friends in private than in more public and official settings.

English Usage in Beijing

This phenomenon has occurred particularly among the younger demographic and within the areas of business, tourism, and academia - where English proficiency has become more common. These signs are bilingual, usually in Chinese and English, which can be found around cities, airports, subways and touristic places in order to communicate with locals and visitors alike.

Language Education

In Beijing language education mainly focuses on learning Mandarin - the earlier the better. This is complemented by English being taught as a compulsory second language, from as early as primary level in most schools, echoing the global identity and reference of the city.

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As such, Beijing has a sub-siolect of Mandarin as its lingua franca, which is the easiest to understand for first-time Mandarin learners. Education and media only re-enforce a continued use in public life. At the same time, the other dialects and the English increasingly heard about reflect the vibrance of the cosmopolitan character of Beijing.

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