Does FM WhatsApp Support Stickers?

FM WhatsApp is renowned for its array of features that extend beyond those offered by the official WhatsApp application. One of the key aspects that users look for in a messaging app is the ability to use stickers. Stickers enhance communication by adding a fun and expressive element to conversations.

Sticker Support

FM WhatsApp fully supports stickers. Users can send and receive stickers just like in the official WhatsApp. This includes all the standard sticker packs available on WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless experience for users who switch between the two apps.

Custom Sticker Packs

FM WhatsApp allows for custom sticker packs. Users can create and import their own stickers, providing a more personalized touch to their conversations. This feature is highly appreciated by those who enjoy adding unique and creative stickers to their chats.

To create custom stickers, users can use third-party apps designed for sticker creation. Once created, these stickers can be easily imported into FM WhatsApp.

Enhanced Sticker Features

FM WhatsApp offers enhanced features for managing stickers. Users can organize their sticker packs more effectively, ensuring that their favorite stickers are easily accessible. This organizational feature is a significant improvement over the official WhatsApp, where managing a large number of sticker packs can be cumbersome.

User Feedback

User feedback on sticker support in FM WhatsApp is overwhelmingly positive. Many users highlight the app's flexibility in allowing custom stickers as a major advantage. Reviews often mention the ease of use and the enhanced customization options that FM WhatsApp provides, making it a preferred choice for many.


Stickers sent from FM WhatsApp are fully compatible with the official WhatsApp. This means users can share stickers with friends who use the official app without any issues. This compatibility ensures that communication remains seamless, regardless of the app being used.

How to Use Stickers in FM WhatsApp

To use stickers in FM WhatsApp, open a chat and tap on the sticker icon in the text input field. From there, you can browse through your sticker packs and select the ones you want to use. For those looking to add custom stickers, simply follow the steps provided by third-party sticker creation apps to import them into FM WhatsApp.

Click FM WhatsApp to visit the official site for the latest updates and downloads. Staying updated ensures you have access to all the newest features, including improved sticker support.

FM WhatsApp supports stickers extensively, offering both standard and custom options to enhance your messaging experience. With additional features for managing and organizing stickers, it stands out as a superior alternative to the official WhatsApp application.

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