Galaxy Note 10 Exclusive Exposes Samsung’s Exciting Smartphone


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is coming soon and it is packed with exciting upgrades. But following news of one concerning flaw, the problems are now multiplying.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept based on leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept based on leaks


Taking to Twitter, popular Samsung insider Ice Universe has revealed the Galaxy Note 10 won’t be the game-changer many were expecting. He also states that several of the changes Samsung has made may not go down well.

Interestingly, Ice says it is actually the Galaxy A series where users will find “radical innovation” (understandable) while the Galaxy Note 10 will be for those “looking for stability and maturity” with a design that blends the Galaxy Note 9 with the punch-hole Galaxy S10. This is expanded upon by a further tweet which says the positions of the Galaxy Note 10 cameras are the “two biggest changes” and he doesn’t like either.

Doubling down on the negatives, Ice reveals the Galaxy Note 10 will not have any new camera hardware and simply reuse Galaxy S10 optics, which are already lagging behind Huawei’s P30 Pro, Google’s Pixel 3 and the $400 Pixel 3a).

Samsung UFS 3.0 storage chips

Samsung UFS 3.0 storage chips


On the plus side, Ice confirms the Galaxy Note 10 will have next-gen UFS 3.0 storage which is twice as quick as the storage in the Galaxy S10. In addition to this, he has previously stated that improved fast charging is likely (something my own source backs) and faster RAM should make it as well.

Ultimately, the Galaxy Note 10 still looks like Samsung’s most complete smartphone of the year. But the company has gone very quiet on what is, indisputably, its most exciting release.